PUR Hand Crash

PUR Hand Crashes are handmade of high-quality B20 bronze. Due to the thin manufacturing and the brushed surface, the Crashes are very flexible and soft and respond very sensitively to the lightest hits. PUR Hand Crashes are available in sizes 12” and 14”. With 2 rivets or without rivets - depending on your personal taste.
Made in Turkey.

PUR Pitch Converter

PUR Cajon Manufaktur-Music-Instrument-Drum-Handmade

Size matters! The size of the sound hole has a direct influence on the sound of your Cajon. Depending on the position of the Pitch Converter a different sound will be generated - the smaller the sound hole the lower the pitch will be. The Pitch-Converter Kit can be attached to any Cajon - no tools needed.

Included in the Pitch-Converter Kit are four hook and loop fasteners and a wooden plate with a cut out half circle on top. Thereby the plate matches ideal to the shape of the Cajons sound hole and thus allows you to convert the pitch nuance by nuance.

PUR Cajon Backpack

Take care of your Cajon! The PUR Cajon Backpack offers a simple, safe and comfortable way to carry and transport your Cajon.

  • Made of 600D water resistant fabric
  • Extended front pocket
  • Inside pocket
  • Reinforcement structure
  • 12mm foam padding
  • Well-padded shoulder straps

PUR Cajon Cover

Turn your Cajon into a comfortable stool by simply pulling the PUR Cajon Cover over your Cajon. Three centimetre thick foam material guarantees a comfortable sitting. Four different colours are available.